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Hunting Security Bugs epub

Hunting Security Bugs. Bryan Jeffries, Lawrence Landauer, Tom Gallagher

Hunting Security Bugs

ISBN: 073562187X,9780735621879 | 592 pages | 15 Mb

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Hunting Security Bugs Bryan Jeffries, Lawrence Landauer, Tom Gallagher
Publisher: Microsoft Press

Auckja: Hunting Security Bugs [nowa] (nr: 1513603807 ), autor: Informatyczne, data rozpoczęcia aukcji: 2011-03-17 02:11:06, data zakończenia aukcji: 2011-04-16 02:10:42. Убийственная книжка про уязвимости приложений. Finding security flaws is now a fundamental development task, yet there has not been adequate documentation of the process used to find security bugs-until now. Hi, I am Vignesh Kumar from TamilNadu, INDIA. EBook Details Author:Tom Gallagher, Lawrence Landauer, and Bryan Jeffries No of Pages: 592 pages. For example, the "Security Testing" section mentions four other entire books specifically on the subject of software security: Hunting Security Bugs; The How to Break series; Writing Secure Code; Threat Modeling. Press: Microsoft Press; Edition:1 edition. Information Security Enthusiast, budding Bug Bounty Hunter. Like many participants in Facebook's program, Gruszecki also is hunting bugs for other companies that offer researchers money in exchange for privately reporting vulnerabilities, including Google, Mozilla, CCBill and Piwik. Описаны многие виды зависимостей, такие как SQL injection, скриптовые атаки и многие другие. Some people have taken Google's idea of offering security bug bounties, and taken them to their logical conclusion: why stop at security bugs? This means there's already a set of professionals who are hunting for such bugs; professionals are much more likely to find bugs on account of understanding how software is designed and implemented. In the Security space there is room for lots of creativity when the subject is hunting for bugs or security holes. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and in addition an.